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Saving America's Healthiest Cities

We are on a mission to save some of the healthiest cities in the U.S. from the soullessness of healthy desserts with our protein-packed, lower-calorie, lower-sugar delicious ice cream*. That means you San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, and we’re taking our #PINTervention truck to you.

*in comparison to regular ice cream

Why? We’ve crunched the numbers and whether you eat veggies 5 times per day, love Kombucha almost as much as your bikes, or workout like crazy, you’re as healthy as healthy can be. That’s great, but if your favorite drink tastes like vinegar, you might need to replenish your soul a little. So, leave the kale in the fridge, and get ready to Save Yourself From Yourself with our ultra-creamy, ultra-delicious ice cream. Made with ultra-filtered milk.

Washington with Chilly Cow Pint Oregon with Chilly Cow Bar California with Chilly Cow Pint
Salted Caramel Pint

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    San Francisco

    April 10th - April 21st

    Hello San Francisco! Unfortunately, our truck has been so busy saving your souls that it needed to take a little break. We were still on foot at CrossFit Golden Gate (located at 1940 Van Ness Ave) yesterday serving free half-pints of delicious, creamy, lower-calorie ice cream, but we had to cancel our stop at Safeway at 2020 Market St.

    We'll be back up and running on Saturday, as planned, and at Safeway at 2020 Market St (2-5pm) and CrossFit Golden Gate again that same day (10:30am-12:30pm).

    If you were planning to get your #PINTervention today, please come find us in the same planned locations on Sunday, where we’ll definitely make up for the delay.

    April 12th Safeway HQ/ 12:30pm - 2pm
    Safeway #910/ 4pm - 6pm
    April 13th Safeway #3251/ 11am - 2pm
    Wonder Ice Cream/ 11:30am - 12:30pm
    April 14th Evolution Sports Expo/ 9am - 7pm
    -will need a ticket to attend
    April 18th Pinterest/ 12pm - 3pm
    Equinox Union St./ 4pm - 6pm
    April 19th Safeway #1507/ 11am - 1pm
    Crossfit Golden Gate/ 4pm - 6pm
    April 21st Safeway #1490/ 11am - 1pm
    Marine Layer/ 2:30pm - 5pm
    San Francisco Map


    April 24th - May 5th

    From Kombucha to meditation, you guys in Portland are into so many health crazes that there is a whole TV show about it. So, you like biking to work every day and drinking vinegar tea. Cool. But there's no sense to scheduling workout classes non-stop if you won't set aside 15 minutes to indulge with a half-pint of delicious Chilly Cow ice cream. It’s time for a #PINTervention.

    Friday, April 27th Safeway Division Office/ 11am - 1pm
    Safeway #509/ 3pm - 6pm
    Saturday, April 28th Portland Farmers Market/ 8am - 2pm
    Sunday, April 29th Safeway #1447/ 11am - 2pm
    Safeway #1612/ 4pm - 6pm
    Thursday, May 3rd Adidas HQ/ 11am - 1pm
    West Hills Racquet & Fitness Club/ 4pm - 6pm
    Friday, May 4th Diva Den Studios/ 10am - 12pm
    We Work Portland/ 3pm - 5pm
    Saturday, May 5th Ace Hotel Portland/ 12pm - 4pm
    Oregon Map
    Cookie Dough Pint


    May 8th - May 19th

    We get it, Seattle, you love being active. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend every rainy day cooped up in a sweaty yoga studio, right? So, we’re stopping by to enlighten you before and after the yoga mat with ultra-delicious, protein-packed, lower-calorie ice cream*. After all, ignoring your taste buds is bad karma, and empting your mind jumpstarts by emptying a half-pint.

    *in comparision to regular ice cream

    Wednesday, May 9th Volunteer Park/ 11:30am - 5pm
    Friday, May 11th Safeway Divison Office/ 11am - 1pm
    Stone Gardens/ 4pm - 6pm
    Saturday, May 12th Safeway #2932/ 11am - 1pm
    Safeway #1062/ 3pm - 6pm
    Thursday, May 17th Pinterest/WeWork/HBO/ 11am - 1pm
    West Lake Park/ 3pm - 6pm
    Saturday, May 19th Wanderlust 108/ 7:30am - 3:30pm
    Washington Map
    Brownie Batter Pint